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Wellness in Clinical Practice Certificate Course (On-demand)

Wellness in Clinical Practice Certificate Course

Course Description
Deepen the support you offer your patients or clients as you actively move from treating illnesses to preventing them and help those you serve develop the capacity to function optimally in their current environment. This self-paced online course provides the knowledge and tools required to integrate the principles of evidence-based health behavior, wellness, coaching, health promotion, and disease prevention into your clinical practice. Grounded in foundational theory and practical application, the information provided in each of the six interactive modules will help shift mindsets, behaviors, and practices from treatment to prevention with a focus on multidimensional, multicultural wellness.
Learning Objectives
Following this course, you will be able to:
    • Apply theory-based wellness techniques in a clinical setting using culturally appropriate concepts.
    • Identify interdisciplinary partners best suited for collaboration in a wellness practice.
    • Describe the National Wellness Institute's Six Dimensions of Wellness model and its application to clinical practice.
Download this PDF to review objectives for the individual modules.
Registration Info
Six-week Online Access
Member: $250
Guest: $325

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Who Should Attend?
The course is recommended for professionals working directly with patients/clients in a clinical setting: physicians, nurses, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, health and wellness coaches, medical coaches, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, naturopaths, occupational therapists, clinical social workers, nurse midwives, physician assistants, respiratory care practitioners/respiratory therapists, registered dietitians, certified athletic trainers, and other clinical providers.
Continuing Education Credit (CEC)
This course is eligible for 7 CECs and pre-approved for: NWI CWP (Category 1), ACSM, & CHES/MCHES (Category I CC). View NWI's CEC Info page for more details.
Course Requirements + Modules
The Wellness in Clinical Practice Certificate course includes the following online modules. Approximate time for completion of each self-paced module is included in parentheses. Each module and its associated quiz must be successfully completed, and all materials downloaded, within six weeks of registering for the self-paced course.

Modules should be completed in the following order:
    • Module 1: Introduction to Wellness in Clinical Practice (60 minutes)
    • Module 2: Health Behavior Theories and Models in Clinical Practice (50 minutes)
    • Module 3: Implementation and Practical Application of Health Behavior Theories in Clinical Practice (70 minutes)
    • Module 4: Principles and Application of Health Communication & Wellness Coaching (Part 1: 45 minutes, Part 2: 30 minutes)
    • Module 5: The Wellness Assessment Process (Part 1: 30 minutes, Part 2: 45 minutes)
    • Module 6: Community Health Advocacy (60 minutes)
Special Thanks
The National Wellness Institute thanks the following individuals for their contributions to the development of this course: Marion Willard Evans, Jr., DC, PhD, MCHES, CWP; Cheryl Hawk, DC, PhD, CHES, CWP; Michael Perko, PhD, MCHES, FAAHE; and Betsy Barrett, PhD, CWP.