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Functional Imagery Training: A Proven Program to Continually Activate and Amplify Motivation | Jonathan Rhodes & Karol Nedza


Functional Imagery Training (FIT), which is Motivational Interviewing (MI) combined with Imagery Training, is five times more effective than MI alone at amplifying motivation toward challenging goals (e.g., weight loss, improving quality of life, exercise adherence, general performance). Backed by over two decades of research, FIT teaches individuals and teams how to sustain motivation so they can reach higher-level outcomes by igniting their imagination and reconnecting with purpose, mental focus, and synergy. Attendees will not only learn about FIT, but will also identify proven strategies for utilizing and delivering guided imagery in their wellness practice.

Following this session, participants will be able to:

  1. define what guided imagery is.
  2. analyze different methods to deliver imagery.
  3. evaluate the effectiveness of Functional Imagery Training in corporate, health, and well-being settings.

NOTE: "Registration" for individual sessions is not required. Once onsite, you may attend any sessions on the day(s) for which you are registered.


  • Jonathan Rhodes, PhD

    Dr. Jonathan Rhodes, is a chartered British psychologist, researcher, lecturer and author specializing in cognitive psychology. He helped develop Functional Imagery Training by raising performance levels of Olympic athletes, Premiership footballers, and hundreds of others, transferring his skills to health and wellbeing. He partnered with the British Army to develop the Pre-Commando Resilience Program and currently supports organizations with culture change programs. Dr. Rhodes recently published The Choice Point book with his Co-Founder, Joanna Grover.

  • Karol Nedza, MSc

    Karol, Director of Education at Imagery Coaching, is an applied psychologist working in healthcare and performance, working on ways to increase resilience, exercise adherence, and motivation. He is currently completing his PhD at the University of Plymouth, UK. As a part of his research, Karol has applied and evaluated Functional Imagery Training (FIT) for exercise and currently works alongside physiotherapists, developing ways to effectively communicate and enhance motivation. Karol teaches on both undergraduate and postgraduate psychology degree programs at the University of Plymouth, and coaches FIT on the Imagery Coaching NBHWC course. Karol is a former rower at UCL Boat Club and is now based in Plymouth.

July 19, 2023
Wed 1:00 PM EDT
Room 2, 3rd Floor Individual session registration NOT required

Duration 1H 0M

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