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How AI Revolutionizes Wellness Journeys and Supports Every Hero's Path | Vivian Lei & Nikhil Agarwal


Join us to explore the transformative potential of AI in revolutionizing personal wellness. Discover how AI technologies can empower individuals, organizations, and communities to enhance self-awareness, emotional management, and personal development for individuals, organizations, and communities. Whether you are a wellness professional or simply passionate about personal growth, this session will help you embark on your hero's journey with AI as your trusted ally.

Following this session, participants will be able to:

  1. discover how AI technologies help personalize and tailor wellness journeys for individuals while upholding ethical and responsible practices.
  2. learn actionable methods to utilize AI-powered insights and guidance, enhancing self-awareness and achieving balance in personal well-being.
  3. explore practical approaches to seamlessly integrate AI technologies with traditional wellness practices, optimizing the overall wellness experience for all.

NOTE: "Registration" for individual sessions is not required. Once onsite, you may attend any sessions on the day(s) for which you are registered.


  • Vivian Lee, PhD

    Vivian is the co-founder and CEO of PowerYou AI. Prior to co-founding PowerYou AI, she founded a two-sided mentorship/coaching marketplace With a deep fascination for using AI to unlock human potential, Vivian is dedicated to leveraging AI technology to transform personal growth. She holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University and taught at the Columbia Graduate School of Arts and Science. She is also a cancer survivor and resides in NYC.

  • Nikhil Agarwal

    Nikhil is the co-founder and CTO of PowerYou AI. He is an engineering leader with 11+ years of experience at Microsoft, Amazon, Qualtrics, and SoFi. He has been part of AI teams at Bing, Alexa, and Amazon Music. He is passionate about unlocking AI capabilities to enhance the life of every human. Nikhil is originally from Nepal and lives in Seattle. He likes to Ski and travel.

July 20, 2023
Thu 10:30 AM EDT
Room 3, 3rd Floor Individual session registration NOT required

Duration 1H 0M

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