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Activate to Elevate | Suzanne Hunt, Ruby Brown-Herring, LaBarron Burwell, Rikki Gilmore-Byrd, Brian Krolczyk, & Michele Mariscal


How can we ACTIVATE our learning and the connections made at this year’s National Wellness Conference to ELEVATE the wellness profession and enhance our own and others’ well-being? This highly interactive session will aim to answer this question with an exploration of the “Five E’s to Elevate Wellness”: Ethics, Equity, Empathy, Environment, and Engagement. Hear from industry experts, share key insights, inspire new ideas, and formulate a commitment to activate the information you receive and the new tools you gain. We encourage you to engage in this exciting experience to enhance all that wellness can encompass!

Following this session, participants will be able to:

  1. list the "Five E’s to Elevate Wellness."
  2. identify strategies to activate the "Five E’s to Elevate Wellness."
  3. explain how activating the "Five E's to Elevate Wellness" can enhance individual, organizational, and community well-being.

NOTE: "Registration" for individual sessions is not required. Once onsite, you may attend any sessions on the day(s) for which you are registered.


  • Suzanne Hunt, MPH, CHC, CWP

    Suzanne is Director of Professional Development with the National Wellness Institute. Her motto is "persistence for the sake of progress." She strives for this by coaching, leading, and educating others to help them thrive.

  • Ruby Brown-Herring, MEd, BSW

    Ruby assists businesses, government agencies and nonprofits with creating strategies that support mental health at work while improving employee engagement and retention. She is a skilled facilitator, has over 20 years of experience in program management, adult, continuing and higher education and is recognized as a state and national leader in corporate well-being and community mental health education.

  • LaBarron Burwell, MSA, CWP, MHFA

    As a wellness practitioner and organizational development consultant, LaBarron has 10+ years of experience developing and delivering dynamic wellness curricula for organizations like NASA, National Wellness Institute and University of Maryland. LaBarron works with executives in leadership all over the world to Improve their performance through wellness. He believes In a holistic approach to personal development and has dedicated hundreds of hours of research as a result.

  • Rikki Gilmore-Byrd, MS, CHES, DrPh, NBC-HWC

    Dr. Rikki Gilmore-Byrd has focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion in health, wellness, and life. Certified as a health, wellness, and life coach, Rikki enjoys coaching people to become their best iteration of themselves. Dr. Rikki earned a Master of Science in Counseling, a Master of Public Health Degree, and a Doctor of Public Health focused on improving health communication through cultural humility to improve health equity. Rikki serves as Dean at Rasmussen University.

  • Brian Krolczyk, PhD, NBC-HWC

    Brian is a Board-Certified Executive Health Coach with over 30 years of experience in community mental health, inpatient physical rehabilitation, executive coaching, and higher education. He is an Assistant Professor at UWSP in the School of Health Sciences and the School of Business and Economics (MBA Program).

  • Michele Mariscal, PhD

    Michele Mariscal Phd, has 30 years’ experience in the health and wellness field. She is a coach, author, and facilitator in soft skills (personality, communication, resilience). She is Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist as well as a Trainer and Coach with the Institute of HeartMath. Her most recent publication is Growing Through Grief – The Alchemy of Healing from Loss.

July 21, 2023
Fri 8:30 AM EDT
Event Hall II 1st Floor

Duration 4H 0M

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