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Webinar: Supporting Employees & Clients Through Health Disruptions

Supporting Employees & Clients
Through Health Disruptions

Webinar Description
Regardless of whether you work with employees or coach individual clients, it is likely you are interfacing with individuals and leaders struggling with health disruptions without being aware of the full impact these issues cause. When we consider the effects of health disruptions on employees, we tend to think about returning from an extended sick leave or being diagnosed with an acute health issue. The reality is that health disruptions are more common and complex than we might think and may extend to the caregiver role. The health disruptions are often invisible to management, co-workers, and coaching clients.

These disruptions can sabotage an individual’s progress in their wellness journey. Our responsibility as wellness professionals is to recognize, address, and coach these issues. Participate in this webinar to discover strategies to support employees and clients experiencing health disruptions.
Learning Objectives
Following this webinar, you will be able to:
    • identify the four common health disruptions employees cope with.
    • understand unique challenges of individuals that are caregivers.
    • implement three specific strategies to support employees and individuals in coping with health disruptions.
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Shiri Ben-Arzi, MCC, Health and Medical Coach, Founder | Medical Coaching Institute
Shiri is a coach, supervisor, workshop facilitator, author, and international lecturer. She holds certifications in Health and Medical Coaching, Caregiver Coaching, End of life Coaching, Embodiment Coaching, and ADHD Coaching. In addition, she is a Grief Educator, NLP trainer, and co-president of ICF Israel.

Over the past 15 years, Shiri has worked with leading international pharmaceutical companies, medical organizations, patient associations, and hospitals worldwide. Her vision is to promote social change in health and healthcare systems by promoting a patient-centered medical practice within medical systems based on the Coach Approach.