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Preparing for Your Course

Getting Started:
Worksite Wellness Specialist Certificate Course

Module lessons will appear in the course for all registrants on October 2, 2023.
Confirmation for the optional peer-to-peer networking sessions is sent via email immediately after registration.

Participants should download and review the documents below before starting the course. Refer to the Suggested Course Schedule to ensure you complete the course before the end date and can receive the most benefit from weekly discussions.

Registrants must complete all module lessons, pass the exam, and submit the evaluation by November 12, 2023, to earn their professional certificate and continuing education credits.

Note: Any live virtual events associated with this course are 100% optional and are offered solely as a platform for peer-to-peer networking and resource-sharing among course participants. These optional meetings are typically scheduled in the first and fourth week of the course and links are provided within the course.