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Eligibility Verification Review (optional for most candidates): Due Apr. 23, 2024

Unsure if you are eligible to sit for the CWP exam? If you are unsure if you meet the requirements to sit for the CWP examination and would like verification prior to registering, you have the option to request a pre-screening by completing the Eligibility Verification Form below.

Hold a non-wellness-related Associate degree, high school diploma, or equivalent? A pre-screening is required for you to provide evidence of five years’ professional wellness experience.

In both cases, this Eligibility Verification Form and $25 review fee must be submitted no less than three weeks prior to the start date of the CWP examination period for which you are applying.

The deadline to submit this form and fee for the May 2024 examination is April 23, 2024. You must sign in to LearnWELL to complete this form and pay the review fee. If you do not have a current NWI membership or a free Guest account, please create or update your NWI account now.