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Understanding and Addressing Shame in Health and Wellness Service Delivery | Tracy Ziebell


Shame is one of the silent enemies of preventative health and help-seeking. While there is plenty of stigma that can show up in the health and wellness industry, shame is a specific type of self-stigma that can prevent individuals from investing time, energy, and money into their own health and well-being. The good news is that health and wellness professionals and employers can deepen their understanding of shame and design strategies to address it to change the tide for those who suffer and avoid caring for themselves as a result.

Following this session, participants will be able to:

  1. describe the impact of shame on the body and how it can prevent people from taking care of their health.
  2. identify when shame may be impacting a person's ability to seek health services and comply with treatment plans.
  3. formulate a toolkit for addressing body shame with compassion to help patients recover ownership of their health.

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  • Tracy Ziebell, LPC, NBC-HWC, CWWP

    Tracy Ziebell is an empathy-forward healthcare professional with 18 years of experience building and maintaining collaborative relationships and delivering empowering, outcomes-based health solutions. Her passion for patient equity in health care services drives her mission to provide compassionate, well-informed care. Tracy holds an MA in Counseling Psychology and is a National Board Certiļ¬ed Health and Wellness Coach. She enjoys weight-lifting, cooking, travel, and any opportunity to move her body outdoors.

August 29, 2024
Thu 10:30 AM CDT
In-person Individual session registration NOT required

Duration 1H 15M

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