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Certified Wellness Practitioner (CWP) Practice Exam and Study Resources

Certified Wellness Practitioner (CWP)
Practice Examination & Study Resources

Package Description

The gold-standard  Certified Wellness Practitioner (CWP) credential is awarded to individuals from multiple disciplines and backgrounds, such as health promotion, counseling, wellness coaching, nutrition, social work, nursing, worksite wellness, public health, education, and more. Candidates interested in becoming a CWP must be eligible to sit and pass the CWP certification exam.

This CWP Practice Exam and Study Resources package provides a cohesive opportunity for candidates wanting to engage in self-guided learning and test preparation for the CWP certification exam. This package provides access to both the 50-question CWP Practice Exam and a Study Resources Guide that includes more than 200 links to suggested readings, videos, toolkits, courses, and webinars for exam preparation and professional development. The CWP Practice Exam and Study Resources Guide align with the  NWI Wellness Promotion Competency Model, the standard for the CWP certification. 
Why Purchase the CWP Practice Exam and Study Resources?
    • Enhance your wellness-related knowledge and skills with hundreds of easy-to-access resources supporting topics related to the NWI Wellness Promotion Competency Model domains: Authenticity & Self-awareness, Whole-person & Systems Approaches, Inclusive & Responsive Practices, Communication & Connection, and Legal & Ethical Principles.
    • Build confidence in your ability to pass the CWP exam by completing the CWP Practice Exam, thus gaining an understanding of the types of questions to expect and the overall test-taking experience.
    • Identify areas for professional development and knowledge enhancement to not only prepare to take the CWP examination, but also to increase your effectiveness as a wellness practitioner.
Registration Info
6-week Access

Fee: $75

Includes the downloadable Study Resources Guide and one CWP Practice Exam attempt.

Important Information
Purchasing and utilizing this preparation package does not guarantee eligibility to sit for the CWP exam nor does it predict your performance on the certification exam. Continuing education credit is not available for completion of the CWP Practice Exam.

Prior to purchasing this preparation package, please review our  CWP Frequently Asked Questions and CWP Certification Examination Eligibility Requirements to ensure your eligibility to sit for the exam and for additional details as you prepare to take this important step in your professional development.

Unsure if you are eligible to sit for the certification exam? Request an optional Eligibility Verification Review if you would like verification prior to purchasing this package.
CWP Practice Exam and Study Resources Package includes:
Six-week access to a 50-question CWP Practice Exam:
    •  The CWP Practice Exam questions mimic the CWP Certification Exam blueprint, meaning a percentage of questions from each domain of the NWI Wellness Promotion Competency Model are represented.
    •  The CWP Practice Exam can only be taken one time upon purchase of the package.
    • The CWP Practice Exam must be taken in one sitting within the 90-minute time limit and within six weeks of registering for this package.
    • Candidates will receive a Pass/Fail status upon completion of the practice exam. The CWP Practice exam includes the same passing score (percentage) as the CWP certification examination.
    • Candidates receive a report of questions answered incorrectly, and which NWI Wellness Promotion Competency domain the question pertains to.
Access to the downloadable Study Resources Guide (in two formats):
    • The Study Resources Guide includes more than 200 relevant resources, suggested readings, videos, guidebooks, toolkits, courses, and events. Resources are linked and showcase which NWI Wellness Promotion Competency Model domain(s) they relate to. 
    • The Study Resources Guide is provided in downloadable PDF and Microsoft Excel formats, so candidates can choose what works best for them.
    • The Study Resources Guide enables the learner to sort resources by topic, material type, and competency domain (if viewing the Microsoft Excel version).
    • The Study Resources Guide provides a comprehensive repository of resources that support professional development and personal wellness practices.
NWI Council on Wellness Certification Excellence (CWCE)
CWP certification standards are continually reviewed and maintained by NWI’s CWCE. This council serves as the decision-making body to evaluate, provide oversight, and give guidance on CWP policies and procedures, and sets continuing education requirements. The CWCE does not require CWP candidates to complete courses, trainings, or conference sessions offered by the National Wellness Institute to be eligible to sit for the certification examination.
About the NWI Wellness Promotion Competency Model
The NWI Wellness Promotion Competency Model serves as the standard for the Certified Wellness Practitioner certification. Encompassing a total of 27 competencies, this ground-breaking resource aids in curriculum development, recruitment and hiring, continuing professional development, and certification in the wellness field.

The five domains of this competency model include: (1) Authenticity and Self-Awareness; (2) Whole-person and Systems Approaches; (3) Inclusive and Responsive Practices; (4) Communication and Connection; and (5) Legal and Ethical Principles.

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