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Domain 3: Inclusive Practices to Influence Healthy Behaviors and Address Barriers

Inclusive Practices to Influence Healthy Behaviors
and Address Barriers

Course Description
Are you equipped with change-agent strategies to enhance multi-level, multicultural wellness practices for individuals and organizations? During this course, you’ll obtain tools and techniques to enhance inclusive practices when working to address barriers for behavior change, including motivational interviewing, active listening, goal setting, and more. Increase your competence for developing effective practices to engage and cultivate change among multicultural individuals and groups.
Competencies & Learning Objectives
This course supports the following competencies within the “Inclusive & Responsive Practices" domain of the NWI Wellness Promotion Competency Model:
    • Work to uncover individuals' strengths, concerns, and values using a person-centered approach to inquiry that includes active listening to help set appropriate wellness goals and strategies.
    • Assist individuals in identifying barriers or resistance to change that are interrupting their ability to integrate wellness-promoting behaviors into their lives.
    • Adapt wellness strategies to fit individual, geographical and cultural needs, acknowledging that there are no universally correct models or processes.
Following his course, you will be able to:
    • Understand cultural adaptation.
    • Understand social determinants of health.
    • Define health equity.
    • Understand elements of change.
    • Understand behavior change strategies, models, and theories.
    • Describe the spirit of Motivational Interviewing.
    • Explain the process of Motivational Interviewing.
    • Define active listening.
    • Understand the uses of active listening.
    • Understand the benefits of goal setting.
    • Describe the elements of a S.M.A.R.T. goal.
    • Apply skills of goal setting.
    • Identify signs of resistance and barriers to change.
Content Developer: Shannon DuPree, DHSc, CWP
Dr. Shannon DuPree is an accomplished leader, public health practitioner, and student affairs administrator with vast experience in health and wellness. In addition, she is a skilled course and programmatic developer with significant experience in assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation. A strong advocate for historically marginalized communities, Shannon has expertise in health equity, policy advocacy, and addressing health disparities. She is an active member of numerous advisory boards and coalitions, including Building Healthy Academic Communities, the American College Health Association, NIRSA, and the American Public Health Association. Shannon has a bachelor's degree in public health education, a master's degree in public administration, and a doctorate in health science. She is a certified health education specialist, mental health first aid instructor, certified wellness practitioner, intercultural development inventory qualified administrator, and certified health and wellness coach.

This course was developed through a collaboration between
National Wellness Institute and Butler's Division of Professional Studies.