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Domain 5: Legal and Ethical Principles for Wellness Professionals

Legal and Ethical Principles for Wellness Professionals

Course Description
Increase your understanding of compliance, confidentiality, scope of practice and more to protect yourself and those you serve. Case studies, scenarios, and a variety of interactive methods are employed during the course to help you understand ways to develop and maintain ethical relationships and practices with
Competencies & Learning Objectives
This course supports the following competencies within the “Legal & Ethical Principles" domain of the NWI Wellness Promotion Competency Model:
    • Comply with legal standards for confidentiality, compliance, and mandated reporting.
    • Work within your scope of practice and in accordance with your profession-specific code of conduct.
    • Maintain ethical relationships.
Following his course, you will be able to:
    • Define confidentiality.
    • Identify key components of compliance as it relates to professional standards.
    • Determine situations in which mandated reporting is necessary.
    • Identify legal practices that relate to confidentiality, compliance, and mandated reporting that pertain to wellness professionals.
    • Identify professional scope of practice.
    • List key characteristics of professional code of conduct.
    • Recognize how a code of conduct may impact professional practice or a wellness program or initiative.
    • Compare and contrast factors that are within a wellness professional’s scope of practice versus factors that are not in a wellness professional’s scope of practice.
    • Identify ethical standards of practice for wellness professionals.
    • List key strategies for developing rapport.
    • Determine circumstances for developing clear boundaries with individuals to support ethical relationships.
    • Differentiate between an ethical and unethical relationship.
Content Developer: Victoria Vuletich, JD, CWP | Ethics Squared, LLC
Victoria Vuletich is an employee relations specialist helping organizations and teams strengthen their ethical values and performance. An ethics lawyer and nationally recognized authority on workplace misconduct, she provides performance coaching, ethics and compliance education, and incident investigation and assessment services for organizations. She is a board member of the Western Michigan University Center for the Study of Ethics in Society, an NWI Certified Wellness Practitioner, and a former law school professor.

This course was developed through a collaboration between
National Wellness Institute and Butler's Division of Professional Studies.